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Goatherd to Ornithologist

Joseph Aengwo, Following a Dream Joseph, a small 10 year old Turgen boy was out herding goats.  He saw a small group of Mzungus (the tribe with the white bodies) pointing and exclaiming. With the interest of a child he … Continue reading

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Water, Living with Barely enough

In Laikipia, my tap water came directly from the river by a hydrolic ram.  My water to wash my body was collected from rain water and heated by an outdoor woodheater.  My water for cooking was also rain water brought … Continue reading

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Apprehension & Doubt

Finally, after a week of slight nausea, attributed to apprehension about arrival in a totally foreign place, am now 37,000 ft above Sudan, over the Nile , a wide shimmering silver-blue ribbon of life, edged by dark green vegetation. There … Continue reading

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