Geeta Jyothi McGahey

I live with my husband Bob in Celo Community, an 1100 acre land trust, having about 50 households.  We share the land and jointly manage everything including where and what one can build or develop and what trees can be cut.  We manage this village by consensus. Coming here we chose neighbors and community and gave up any chance of speculation on land or house.  

After spending over twenty-five years as a family doctor I semi-retired and am spending more time with what we Quakers call “concerns” those things/issues/ideas that move us.  In addition to being a member of Celo Friends Meeting for about 30 years, I continue to be enriched by yoga/advaita/vedanta.  The Light and Love are the same no matter how we name it.


4 Responses to Geeta Jyothi McGahey

  1. Roger Conant says:

    It is a lovely home and community. But we would love to see your face, too.

  2. Sabina Isilan says:

    it is an attracting home.

  3. Dianne Clarke-Kudless says:

    I am pleased to have met you through Rotary and to learn about your wonderful projects and perspectives.

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