The School of Christ

North Carolina Yearly Meeting Sessions 2017

Just before I left to attend NCYM-FUM final sessions as a Yearly Meeting at Quaker Lake, 8th Month,  4th -6th Days, I read the following Isaac Pennington passage which remained on my heart as I listened and held the body in prayer:

“And Oh, How Sweet and pleasant it is to the truly spiritual eye to see several sorts of believers, several forms of Christians in the school of Christ, every one learning their own lesson, performing their own peculiar service, and knowing, owning, and loving one another in their several places and different performances to their Master, to whom they are to give an account, and not to quarrel with one another about their different practices” (Rom 14, 4)

I was blessed to be in such a body.  These Christian Meetings/Churches and Quarters had recognized their differences and respected each other on their respective paths – . North Carolina Fellowship of Friends and Friends Church of North Carolina. They chose to incorporate NCYM, Inc to hold the Trust in common and continue a structure for shared works.    Just as an amoeba must split in order to multiply, I sensed that in their separation each new association could take on the great work of offering to North Caroline, the deep Quaker truth that Christ is present today and teaches his people himself.  He is available as comforter, savior, and model of the life God calls us to live.

The closing minute used Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, honoring change.  All  emotions were present.  The prayer is that both groups flourish.  There is still a great people to be gathered.


About geetajyothi

Slightly over the hill Quaker physician passionate that education can transform lives and hopeful that the world will wake up to the imperative to respond meaningfully to the threat of climate change
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